How We Work

Regardless of the package you choose, SW Studios upholds a fantastic service level agreement. This maximises our collaboration with you and makes us an extension of your team. You deserve full transparency of the work we provide, and we aspire to deliver top-quality service to your beverage brand.

Each client will receive:

  • A Weekly 30-minute call: This call will review the project roadmap, project work, and high-level performance.

  • A Monthly 1-hour review: This performance-driven call will provide data-driven insights.

  • A Monthly insight deck: This performance deck will be the source of the call.

  • A Notion workspace: This one-stop-shop will allow you to view project work, documents, invoices, and performance data, so you don't have to endlessly search for useful documents that help your brand grow.

  • A Reporting attribution dashboard: We will create a self-serve dashboard based on your requirements.

  • A Project road map: This road map will show you the estimated timeline and delivery.

  • A Project dashboard: This clear and concise Kanban board will give you complete clarity on what we are working on.

  • A Slack channel for you and your team: We will always respond within a few hours and use Slack as the main channel of communication.